Just the beginning!

Well, here's to the first few days in Haiti!  

There is a peace that is overwhelming. I feel grounded, secured, and surrounded by prayer. I honestly cannot remember the last time I was anxiety free for this long. Praise God. Thank YOU for your encouragement, support, love and continual prayer. It's making a difference. 

Yes, it's hot. Yes, I sweat a lot. Yes, there is dust... a lot of it. 

The first two days were at a slower pace than what I am accustomed to in Haiti, or in the States for that matter. A typical trip to the country for me, has been a mission trip that is fast paced, focused, and places me in a group of people who know who I am, and where I've come from. 

It's slow, quiet(ish) and peaceful. For those of you who know me I like to be kept busy 24/7, 365 days a year. I like noise, commotion, and to be surrounded by people. But here, it's different and while a setting such as this would typically cause a bought of anxiety for me....it's welcoming. 

I'm learning the importance of slowing down. Taking time to adjust, to feel, to see...to simply breathe. Consciously lowering my shoulders from my ears. Listening to a different language feebly attempting to understand at least one word, maybe two...and having grace on myself knowing that I will not pick it up overnight. The slowness is giving me time to connect with Jesus. To pray, spend time in the word and reflect on all that He has done to bring me here.

I spent my first night on the rooftop (a rooftop anywhere in the world will always be one of my favorite places) and there was a storm nearby. I sat and watched God show off as lightning sprinted in every direction, yet we remained untouched by rain. I've told my story/testimony time and time again of how God has brought me here and what He has done in my life, yet this time I felt a difference in the way that I spoke it. There was more excitement, and confidence. I realized how much God has truly and genuinely spoken to me over the last 11 years.  He has prepared me, kept me, and pursued me. God never grew silent. For a time...I became deaf. 

How often do we miss the blessings of the Lord because we are too busy to see His goodness? Or maybe we aren't being obedient. As my great aunt always tells me trust and obey, there's no other way. 

How you can pray for me this week: to continue finding peace, good health, and healing for my vocal chords

How can I pray for you this week? 

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