Trip Recaps and Haiti's Current Situation.

January began by flying down to Haiti with a construction team! We worked on Pastor’s church in Kwa Kok. Block after block, and bucket after bucket…walls are beginning to take shape. It is so encouraging to really be able to see this progress come about! A structure is beginning to form and it propels us with a clear mindset, focus, and hope of the potential of this building. It will be a blessing to so many am I’m excited for the next team that will come to take a part in its construction! My biggest take away from this trip was the generosity of its members. They were so giving, selfish and thoughtful of us staff. And they brought so many laughs!

The next team was a medical team full of incredible people. They served many Haitians during their time here. They were so organized that I was able to take photos and talk with members of the community. It brought me so much joy to be able to smile and laugh with the people of these communities! Even if the laughter was at my expense…which it usually was. The team themselves brought so much joy to our household! It’s humbling to watch others serve passionately in ways that you can’t. It was amazing to see their passions come alive, and lives changed because of it!

The next team was Mobility Worldwide. They are an organization that build mobility carts and they are completely volunteer based. Those who came down were so excited to build these carts for the people in the communities we would be visiting. The flexibility and heart of service that this team had was astounding. They trusted us and our guidance and served joyfully in any way that they could. While building PET Carts, community members came up to help and the team showed them each step. Before long, there was a new station run completely buy handicapped members of the community. It was touching and really special to see them take such pride in this gift.

There is so much more that I can say about what God has been doing and the ways that I’ve seen Him this past month, but there is some more on my heart that I need to share with you…

The hardest part, and true heart of this update…the current situation of the country. I plead with you and ask that you see the good in Haiti. The potential of all that it can, and will be. See the hope and the strength of the people. Haiti has endured so much and the people are tired. At the end of the day, all people want is change. They want hope and a chance to be able to live a good, successful life. They want to find a job, which is so difficult to come by here…even for those who are fortunate enough to have received an education. The Haitian people have been fighting, and fighting, and fighting.

We are on the sixth day of protests. People are angry, and hungry. Inflation has skyrocketed. Since I’ve moved here, their currency in relation to the American dollar as gone from 65:1 to 82:1…and that’s just within the last few months. Many can no longer afford food for their families and those who couldn’t before are in an even harder situation. Now with the protests, people are staying home in fear. Even if you’re brave enough to leave and can scrounge up enough money the stores are closed and it’s difficult to find food.

Administrations have made promises upon promises with no change…and we can all relate to that. People are tired, they are hurt, angry, and hungry. They are asking the president to step down. It’s frustrating and it’s heartbreaking. Are people responding in the “right way”? No. But, please try to see where these people are coming from. Try and put yourselves in their shoes and see the injustice and hardship that every day life here brings for so many. Haiti is not a terrible place…no. It is a beautiful place. Please, do not let the violent actions of a few ruin your view of Haiti as a whole. We are not losing hope. We need you to be hopeful, and prayerful with us. We cannot change the hearts of those who are reacting in violence…but our Savior can. Stand with us here in Haiti in prayer for this nation.

Thank you to those who are praying already and to those who have reached out. I am safe. My God is SO GOOD! He has given my soul such a peace and a confidence in His protection. I know that my God’s presence is stronger, and more consuming than any fire in the street. His voice is louder than any gunshot or voice of a protester. Fear does not come from the Lord and it has no place here in Haiti or in our hearts. Pray with me that others are able to experience God and feel His power, strength, peace and presence in the midst of their weakness. God WILL be glorified in this. Be part of that with me!

As always, thank you for reading and praying with me.

Nicole ProfettoComment