My Story


It all started when…

When I was 15 years old at NJ District Youth Camp, God began to place a call on my heart for missions. Over the past 10 years, I have been seeking God and his plan. Through prayer, reading scripture, conversations with friends and family, volunteering, teaching, and short term missions...God has revealed to me and confirmed that the "where" is Haiti, and the "time" now! 

At the end of July I will be moving to Haiti for one year to work with an organization called Foundation for Peace (FFP). FFP believes in working together, hand in hand with the community. They built a professional school with the people of Gantheir that now has 600+ students. I will be teaching English a few days a week to the next leaders of Haiti!

FFP also has missions teams come to the country. I will be leading these teams as a support system, 24/7 resource, and guide. We will be building a church, and providing medical care to the local people. 

I will also be working at a church, teaching the children there about the love of God. I'll be creating systems and manuals to help our teams be as effective as possible. I will also be using my photography to run social media for Foundation for Peace...and so much more! Our motto is that "we can't do everything...but we'll do anything"