The Church in Kwa Kok


Pastor Valentin 

This is Pastor Valentin. After the earth quake and cholera outbreak Pastor Valentin visited communities and would bring a system to purify water. While doing this, he would worship and pray with the community. He visited many towns, but there was something different about this one. Rather than a half hour, he’d spend an hour or more worshiping with the people there under this tree. One day a woman approached him and said that this community had existed for over 300 years and all they knew was voodoo. She asked if he would come back and speak. Since then, he has gone every Friday and Sunday, he has established a church, and the congregation is continually growing.

The Church

This is Pastor Valentin's church in Kwa Kok, Haiti. This is the first church to exist in the community. Each week, there is a new person or family who accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The congragation is so big that they have outgrown this building! FFP is currently working to build a larger church on the same property that can also be used for multiple community purposes.